CANSkate and PRE-CANSkate Learn To Skate Programs - All information about this program can be found on our CANSKATE, PRECANSKATE, BRIDGING page.  Registration is now available on our REGISTRATION page.

To register, you must LOGIN and register as a club member.  Choose the REGISTRATION PAGE and under QUICK NAVAGATION choose CANSKATE.  Select your CANSkate or PRE-CANSkate program and continue following the registration process.

  • Registrations can only be made through the website Registration page.  Spaces are limited.
  • You may register for just the Fall Session, just the Winter Session, or for BOTH the Fall and Winter Session
  • Register for CANSkate if your skater was born PRIOR to 2012.  Skaters born in 2012 must register for PRE-CANSkate
  • PRE-CANSkaters must choose from either TUESDAY OR FRIDAY.  You CAN NOT register for both sessions.
  • All fees must be paid by VISA or Master Card at the time of registration
  • Check the CANSkate page for further details regarding our new policies for Refunds and Withdrawls from the program

Our Senior Carnival Group