Bridging is a program that acts as a step for skaters from the CanSkate program to the competitive program called StarSkate.  These skaters will be working towards Stages 4 and 5 of the NEW CANSkate program. It's beneficial because it allows more instruction, individual attention, and ice time for those skaters that wish to progress in the sport of figure skating. Bridgers will continue to earn CanSkate badges as they progress and gain new skills.

To participate in Bridging, a skater must have been assessed by a club coach and recommended for the program.  If you have not previously participated in the CANSkate program with the club, please contact the club by email to arrange for your skater to be assessed.

We will be working towards skills in the NEW CANSkate program, which contains the elements and skills necessary to progress in figure skating:

  1. BALANCE – This area includes forward crosscuts, edges and stroking; as well as spins and spirals
  2. CONTROL – This includes speed, stopping and backward skating
  3. AGILITY – This are includes jumps and turns, as well as skills that translate to other ice sports, such as hockey and ringette
  4. INDEPENDENT SKILLS – We encourage and guide skaters to develop the independent skills and work ethic necessary for the StarSkate program

Bridgers should wear something that allows them to move freely and be comfortable, but warm as well. Bridgers are asked not to wear jeans. They must have their hair out of their face and wear mitts or gloves. 

Please note that all Bridgers are still required to wear CSA Approved Hockey Helmets, as per Skate Canada policy.   


  • Skate Canada Fee, payable once per season (Sep 1 to Aug 31) and pays for your SC membership and insurance. The fee is non-refundable.
  • WSC Membership Fee payable once per season (Sep 1 to Aug 31) and entitles you to skating on Weyburn Skating Club sessions. The fee is non-refundable.
  • The sale of 2 Ticket Books for our annual fundraiser.  You pay for the tickets up front at registration and then keep the money you collect when selling the tickets. The ticket stubs are due back by Dec 31 so they can be returned to Skate Canada Saskatchewan.  The draw takes place at the Section’s Annual General Meeting.  Ticket books not returned to the club will be assessed a penalty of $25 and skaters can not register for any further sessions until this amount has been paid.


  • All refunds are pro-rated from time of notification and will be considered by the Board for skaters wishing to withdraw from the program.
  • Refund requests must be submitted by email to
  • Any refunds issued will be subject to a $25 administration fee
  • The $35.65 Skate Canada fees are non-refundable for any reason.
  • The $25 Weyburn Skating Club Membership fees and $80 ticket book fees are not refundable after the start of the season.
  • Refunds for injury with a doctor’s note will be issued at anytime throughout the program. 


There will be a $25 administration fee for NSF cheques.  There will be a $25 administration fee for all declined credit card transactions. In all cases of decline (NSF, declined credit, stopped payment, etc.) one additional attempt will be made by the club administration to receive payment. If payment continues to be declined the skater will be considered not in good standing with the club and will not be permitted to participate in any of the club activity, including regular skating sessions, until full payment has been made. If payment has not been made within 30 days from date of decline or NSF, the member shall be considered as having terminated their membership. No refunds will be provided for any partial monies paid and all privileges will be permanently revoked.


Participants are to attend all classes as scheduled for the program in which they are registered. In the event that a participant is unable to attend a scheduled class(es), make-up classes, refunds, or credits for the missed class(es) will not be provided.

The Weyburn Skating Club reserves the right to change or cancel any program for which there is insufficient paid registration. In the event of any program change or cancellation, the registrants will be offered a full or pro-rated refund, as appropriate.  Skaters must be registered at their appropriate assigned level. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!


Emergency ice cancellations are done by the city and are out of the control of the Weyburn Skating Club. The club will provide as much notice as possible if an emergency cancellation arises.  The Club will attempt to find replacement ice at a later date but if City scheduling does not allow for this, there will be no refund of ice fees.


In emergency cases where our coaches are unable to be on the ice, skaters can use the scheduled ice time for practice but they must be supervised by a parent.  If you can not supervise your child, you can arrange for another parent to look after your skater however this must be arranged before the skaters take the ice.  You can not assume that a parent who is sitting in the lobby will automatically look after your child.

How do I sign up?

Click on LOGIN at the top right hand corner of our home page and create your personal profile.  Then click on REGISTRATION PAGE to begin.