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Ice session fees for StarSkate are a package price that covers the specified session for the entire season.  There may be cancellations to a session during the season for test days, simulations, or other activities as determined by the coaches. The club tries to keep these cancellations to a minimum and will try to ensure a session is not cancelled numerous times. There are NO refunds for these cancelled sessions.  Make-up ice time sessions will be posted.

The WSC Membership Fee is payable once per season (Sep 1 to Aug 31) and entitles you to skating on Weyburn Skating Club sessions.

The Skate Canada Fee is payable once per season (Sept 1 - Aug 31) and pays for your membership and insurance.

The Skate Saskatchewan Fundraising Fee is in lieu of doing Lotto Books.                                                                                                                                                 


StarSkate Juniors $800
StarSkate Seniors $1,100
WSC Membership Fee $50 *NON REFUNDABLE
Skate Canada Membership Fee $43.65 *NON REFUNDABLE
Skate Saskatchewan Fundraising Fee $40 *NON REFUNDABLE
Co-op Fundraising Fee $300 - You will receive $300 in Co-op Gift Cards. This may be the only fundraising our club does this year.
Volunteer Fee $100 - Once you have completed the mandatory hours through volunteering you will receive a $100 Co-op Gift Card.


  • Base Fee includes: Off Ice training, Dance/Skills/Stroking Group lessons, Ice show group lessons
  • All fees are included in the cost of registration with the exception of the Coop Fundraising Fee and Volunteer Fee.