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Ice session fees for StarSkate are a package price that covers the specified session for the entire season.  There may be cancellations to a session during the season for test days, simulations, or other activities as determined by the coaches. The club tries to keep these cancellations to a minimum and will try to ensure a session is not cancelled numerous times. There are NO refunds for these cancelled sessions.  Make-up ice time sessions will be posted.

The WSC Membership Fee is payable once per season (Sep 1 to Aug 31) and entitles you to skating on Weyburn Skating Club sessions.

The Skate Canada Fee is payable once per season (Sept 1 - Aug 31) and pays for your membership and insurance.

The Skate Saskatchewan Fundraising Fee is in lieu of doing Lotto Books. The Club made a motion to not participate in selling the Lotto Books, but we are still responsible to send in the amount the books are worth.                                                                                                                                                   


StarSkate Juniors Coming Soon
StarSkate Seniors Coming Soon
WSC Membership Fee $50 *NON REFUNDABLE
Skate Canada Membership Fee $43.65 *NON REFUNDABLE
Skate Saskatchewan Fundraising Fee $40 *NON REFUNDABLE


Base Fee includes: 

  • Off Ice training, Dance/Skills/Stroking Group lessons, Ice show group lessons
  • Shown hi-lighted in green in the below schedule.